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Local Groups

There are 7 Guild Groups meeting regularly across the country. There is also a Group in Adelaide, Australia. The Groups have their individual character, but with general reference to the aims and purposes of The Guild. Members speak of the value of being able to express ideas and feelings, often still in the process of formation, knowing that both they and their ideas will be accepted and valued. When a member finds their ideas and values are changing, it is often the Group which becomes the container and provides a safe space for them. Many members say that they find in their Guild group something not found easily today.

The activities of the Groups vary widely. Sometimes a book, a fairy story, a piece of art is used as the basis for discussion. Often one of the Guild published papers provides the focus. Some groups like to work through a theme. The resulting discussions are always creative and lively, as members seek to enlarge their own experience of the psyche through a variety of media and to explore in some small way the meaning of life.  This ongoing process reflects the living spirit of the Guild and the importance of Groups to the Guild as a whole.

Each Group has a Convenor who is the contact with the Guild. The Convenors of the Groups meet once a year for discussion and sharing with each other.

If you would like to know if there is a Guild Group in your area which is open to accepting new members, or if you would like to think about starting a new group in your area with other Guild members, then please click here.