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    The Guild Library holds approaching 500 titles that specialise solely in Jungian analytical psychology and spirituality, as well as recently published works. It was initially set up in 1947, when the Guild inherited a substantial collection of books from Rev William Peacey, a founder member of the Guild. In addition to basic texts, the Library still holds many volumes that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.

    The library is now housed at the West London Synagogue, and is available to Guild members by contacting the Librarian.

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    ADLER, AC G Jung Letters (1906-1950)Vol 1
    ADLER, AC G Jung Letters (1906-1950)Vol 1
    ADLER, ASocial Interest: A Challenge to Mankind
    ADLER, GC G Jung Letters (1951-1961)Vol 2
    ADLER, GC G Jung Letters (1951-1961)Vol 2
    ADLER, GRemembering and Forgetting
    ADLER, GStudies in Analytical Psychology
    APPLETON, GJourney for a Soul
    ARMSTRONG, KFirst Christian, The
    ARMSTRONG, KMohammed
    ARMSTRONG, KTongues of Fire
    ASPER, KAbandoned Child Within, The
    ASPER, KInner Child in Dreams, The
    ASSAGLIO, RTraining of the Will, The (booklet)
    BAILLIE, GViolence Unveiled
    BAILLIE, JInvitation to Pilgrimage
    BAIR, DComments on Jung: A Biography
    BAYNES, H BAnalytical Psychology and the English Mind
    BAYNES, H BMythology of the Soul
    BBCLight of Experience, The
    BEEBE, J (ED)Integrity in Depth
    BEEBE, J (ED)Terror, Violence and the Impulse to Destroy
    BENZ, PORTMAN ET ALColour Symbolism
    BEAU SOBRE deCreative Suffering
    BERNSTEIN J SLiving in the Borderland
    BERRY, P (ED)Fathers and Mothers
    BETTELHEIM, BInformed Heart, The
    BETTELHEIM, BUses of Enchantment, The
    BLACKMER, J DAcrobats of the Gods
    BLAKELEY, JMystical Power of the Tarot, The
    BLAKENEY, R BMeister Eckhart
    BLUE, LTaste of Heaven, A
    BLY, RSelected Poems of Rainer Maria Rilke
    BOA, FRASERWay of the Dream, The – Conversations on Jungian Dream Interpretation with Marie-Louise von Franz
    BOARDMAN, B MHound of Heaven, The
    BOHM, D /
    PEAT, F D
    Science, Order and Creativity
    BOLEN, J SGoddesses in Everywoman
    BOSS, J SBecoming Ourselves
    BOULAY, S DURoad to Canterbury, The
    BREWI, J / BRENNAN, AMid-Life Spirituality and Jungian Archetypes
    BRINTON PERERA, SScapegoat Complex, The
    BROME, VJung: Man and Myth
    BROWN, RUnicorn:A Mythological Investigation, The
    BROWN, SCHUYLERText and Psyche
    BRYANT, CDepth Psychology and Religious Belief
    BRYANT, CHeart in Pilgrimage, The
    BRYANT, CJung and the Christian Way
    BRYANT, CRiver Within, The
    BUBER, MEclipse of God
    BUDGE, E WGods of the Egyptians, TheVol 1
    BUDGE, E WGods of the Egyptians, TheVol 2
    BURLAND, CArts of the Alchemist, The
    CAMPBELL, JHero with a Thousand Faces, The
    CAMPBELL, JMasks of God, TheVol 3: Occidental Mythology
    CAMPBELL, JMasks of God, TheVol 4: Creative Mythology
    CAMPBELL, JMasks of God, TheVol 4: Creative Mythology
    CAMPBELL, JPortable Jung, The
    CAMPBELL, JPower of Myth, The
    CAMPBELL, JThis Business of the Gods
    CAMPBELL, JThis Business of the Gods
    CAMPBELL, JTransformation of the Myth Through Time
    CAMPBELL / ROBERTSTarot Revelations
    CAPRA, FTao of Physics, The
    CARMICHAEL, ASun Dances, The
    CASHFORD, JMoon, The – Myth & Image
    CASTILLEJO, I CKnowing Woman
    CASTILLEJO, I CKnowing Woman
    CHETWYND, TDictionary of Symbols
    CLIFT, J D & W BHero Journey in Dreams, The
    COBB, NProspero’s Island
    COOK, RTree of Life, The
    COOPER, H (ED)Soul Searching
    COOPER, J CFairy Tales – Allegories of the Inner Life
    COOPER, J CIllustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols
    CORBIN, HCreative Imagination in the Sufism of Ib’n Arabi
    COX, DHow Your Mind Works
    COX, DJung and St Paul
    COX, DWhat Christians Believe
    CSAKY, M (ED)How Does It Feel?
    CZAKY, MHow Does It Feel?
    DALE-GREEN, PArchetypal Cat, The
    DEANE, SHeroic Styles: The Tradition of an Idea (booklet+B30
    DIGBY, WMeaning and Symbol
    DONNINGTON, RWagner’s Ring and It’s Symbols
    DOURLEY, JOHNIllness That We Are
    DOURLEY, JOHNLove, Celibacy and the Inner Marriage
    DOURLEY, JOHNPsyche as Sacrament, The
    DRURY, NJourneys Between Worlds
    DRURY, NShaman and the Magician, The
    DYER, D RCrosscurrents of Jungian Thought
    EDINGER, EAnatomy of the Psyche
    EDINGER, EBible and the Psyche, The
    EDINGER, EChristian Archetype, The
    EDINGER, EEgo and Archetype
    EDINGER, EEncounter with the Self
    EDINGER, EGoethe’s Faust
    EDINGER, ELiving Psyche, The
    EDINGER, EMysterium Lectures, The
    EDINGER, ETransformation of the God Image
    ELDER, G RBody: An Encyclopaedia of Archetypal SymbolismReference only
    ERANOSYearbook, Vol ! Spirit and Nature
    ERANOSyearbook, Vol ! 4: Spiritual Disciplines
    ERANOSYearbook, Vol 6: The Mystic Mission
    EVENING, MWomen Who Walk Alone
    FANNING, PVisualization for a Change
    FENWICK, PTruth in the Light, The
    FIERZJungian Psychiatry
    FORDHAM, FAnalytical Psychology
    FORDHAM, FIntroduction to Jung’s Psychology, An
    FORDHAM, FIntroduction to Jung’s Psychology, An
    FORDHAM, MChildren as Individuals
    FORDHAM, MChildren as Individuals
    FORDHAM, MContact with Jung
    FORDHAM, MJungian Psychotherapy
    FORDHAM, MNew Developments in Analytical Psychology
    FORDHAM, MObjective Psyche, The
    FORDHAM, MICHAELJungian Psychotherapy
    FORDHAM / GORDON / HUBBACK / LAMBERT (ED)Technique in Jungian Analysis
    FORDHAM / GORDON / HUBBACK / LAMBERT (ED)Technique in Jungian Analysis
    FOSTER-DAMON, SBlake Dictionary, A
    FRANZ, M-L VONAlchemical Active Imagination
    FRANZ, M-L VONAlchemy
    FRANZ, M-L VONArchetypal Patterns in Fairy Tales
    FRANZ, M-L VONCreation Myths
    FRANZ, M-L VONIndividuation in Fairy Tales
    FRANZ, M-L VONInterpretation of Fairy Tales, The
    FRANZ, M-L VONOn Divination and Synchronicity
    FRANZ, M-L VONPassion of Perpetua, The
    FRANZ, M-L VONProjection and Recollection
    FRANZ, M-L VONPuer Æternus
    FRANZ, M-L VONRedemption Motif in Fairy Tales
    FRANZ, M-L VONShadow and Evil in Fairy Tales
    FRANZ, M-L VONThe Feminine in Fairy Tales
    FRANZ, M-L VONTime, Rhythm and Repose
    FRANZ, M-L VONWay of the Dream, The
    FRANZ, M-L VON / HILLMAN, JLectures on Jung’s Typology
    FRAZIER, J GGolden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion, The
    FREUD/JUNGFreud/Jung Letters, The
    FRIEDMANN, HSymbolic Goldfish, The
    FROMM, EForgotten Language, The
    FURLONG, MMirror to the Church
    GELDER/MAYOU / COWENShorter Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry
    GIEGERICH W / MILLER / MOGENSONDialectics and Analythical Psychology
    GREENE / ARROYOJupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures, The
    GRINNEL, RAlchemy in a Modern Woman
    GUGGENBUHL-CRAIGPower in the Helping Professions
    GUGGENBUHL-CRAIGPower in the Helping Professions
    GUGGENBUHL-CRAIG (ED)Archetype, The
    GUGGENBUHL-CRAIG, ADOLFPower in the Helping Professions
    HADEWIJCHComplete Works
    HALL, JJungian Experience: Analysis and Individuation, The
    HALL, JPatterns of Dreaming
    HANNAH, BActive Imagination
    HANNAH, BJung: His Life and Work
    HANNAH, BJung: His Life and Work
    HANNAH, BStriving Towards Wholeness
    HARDING, EI and Not I, The
    HARDING, EPsychic Energy: Its Source and Goal
    HARDING, EWay of All Women, The
    HARPUR, PPhilosopher’s Secret Fire, The
    HARRIS B & MThe Father Quest
    HARRIS B & MLike Gold Through Fire
    HARRIS BThe Fire and the Rose
    HARRIS BSacred Selfishness
    HAULE, JOHN RYANLove Cure, The – Therapy Erotic and Sexual
    HAYNES, J /
    When a Princess Dies
    HEBBLETHWAITEMotherhood and God
    HENDERSON, JShadow and Self
    HENDERSON, JThresholds of Initiation
    HEYDT, V VON DERLectures to the Guild of Pastoral Psychology
    HEYDT, V VON DERLectures to the Guild of Pastoral Psychology
    HEYDT, V VON DERProspects for the Soul
    HILL, G SMasculine and Feminine
    HILLMAN, JAnima
    HILLMAN, JIn Search
    HILLMAN, JInterviews
    HILLMAN, JMyth of Analysis, The
    HILLMAN, JRevisioning Psychology
    HILLMAN, JSoul’s Code, The
    HILLMAN, J ET ALSoul and Money
    HINSHAW, (ED),
    Van der Post+A263
    Rock Rabbit and the Rainbow – Laurens van der Post among friends, The
    HITCHCOCK, JAt Home in the Universe: Re-envisioning the Cosmos with the Heart
    HITCHCOCK, JHealing Our Worldview: The Unity of Science and Spirituality
    HITCHCOCK, JWeb of the Universe, The
    HOBSON, R FForms of Feeling
    HOELLER, SGnostic Jung, The/Seven Sermons to the Dead, The
    HOLLIS, JOn This Journey We Call Our Life
    HOLTTheatre and Behaviour
    HOLT, DEventful Responsibility: Fifty Years of Dreaming Remembered
    HOLT, DThe Claremont Story
    HOLT, DPsychology of C G Jung, The
    HOLT / ROBINSONPastoral Counselling (booklet)
    HOWE, E GShe and Me
    HOWE, GTriumphant Spirit, The
    HOWELL, AJungian Symbolism in Astrology
    HUMBERT, ELIEC G Jung: The Fundamentals of Theory and Practice
    HURDING, R FRoots and Shoots
    HUXLEY, FWay of the Sacred, The
    ISRAEL, MApproach to Mysticism, An
    JACKSON, EFood and Transformation
    JACOBI, JComplex, Archetype, Symbol in the Psychology of Jung
    JACOBI, JMasks of the Soul
    JACOBI, JWay of Individuation, The
    JACOBI, J (ED)Paracelsus
    JACOBY, MIndividuation and Narcissism
    JACOBY, MLonging for Paradise
    JACOBY, MShame and the Origins of Self Esteem
    JAFFE, AFrom the Life and Work of C G Jung
    JAFFE, AMyth of Meaning, The
    JAFFE, L WLiberating the Heart
    JEFFREY, CThat Why Child
    JOHNSON, R AOwning Your Own Shadow
    JOHNSON, ROBERT ALying with the Heavenly Woman
    JONES, APassion for Pilgrimage
    JUNG, C GAnalytical Psychology – Its Theory and Practice
    JUNG, C GAnalytical Psychology
    JUNG, C GAnswer to Job
    JUNG, C GAspect of the Feminine
    JUNG, C GDevelopment of Personality, TheCW 17
    JUNG, C GDream Analysis
    JUNG, C GEssays on Contemporary Events
    JUNG, C GFlying Saucers
    JUNG, C GFlying Saucers
    JUNG, C GFour Archetypes
    JUNG, CGFuneral Service (pamphlet)
    JUNG, C GMan and His Symbols
    JUNG, C GMan and His Symbols
    JUNG, C GMandala Symbolism
    JUNG, C GMemories, Dreams and Reflections
    JUNG, C GMemories, Dreams and Reflections
    JUNG, C GModern Man in Search of a Soul
    JUNG, C GNietzsche’s Zarathustra – The SeminarsVol 1 part 1
    JUNG, C GNietzsche’s Zarathustra – The SeminarsVol 2 part 2
    JUNG, C GPsychology of Kundalini Yoga, The
    JUNG, C GPsychology of the Transference, The
    JUNG, C GSeminars, TheVol 3
    JUNG, C GStudies in Word Association
    JUNG, C GSynchronicity
    JUNG, C GVisions SeminarsVol 1
    JUNG, C GVisions SeminarsVol 2
    JUNG, C G / KERENYIIntroduction to the Science of Mythology
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSAlchemical StudiesVol 13
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSArchetypes and the Collective Unconscious, TheVol 9 (ii)
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSCivilisation in TransitionVol 10
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSDevelopment of Personality, TheVol 17
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSDictionary of Analytical Psychology
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSExperimental ResearchesVol 2
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSFreud and PsychoanalysisVol 4
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSGeneral BibliographyVol 19
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSGeneral IndexVol 20 Reference only
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSMysteruim ConiunctionisVol 14
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSPractice of Psychotherapy, TheVol 16
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSPsychiatric StudiesVol1
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSPsychoanalysis of Mental DiseaseVol 3
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSPsychological TypesVol 6
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSPsychology and AlchemyVol 12
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSPsychology and ReligionVol 11
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSSpirit in Man, Art and Literature, TheVol 15
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSStructure and Dynamics of the Psyche, TheVol 8
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSSymbolic Life, TheVol 18
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSSymbols of TransformationVol 5
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSTwo Essays on Analytical PsychologyVol 7
    JUNG, C J COLLECTED WORKSZofingian Lectures, TheVol A supp
    JUNG, EAnimus and Anima
    JUNG, E / FRANZ, M-L VONGrail Legend, The
    KALSCHED, DInner World of Trauma, The
    KALWEIT, HDreamtime and Inner Space
    KAUFMANN, W AOwl and the Nightingale, The
    KEARNEY, MPlace of Healing, A
    KEARNEY, RMyth and Motherland (booklet)
    KELSEY, M TOther Side of Silence, The
    KERENYI, CHermes: Guide to Souls
    KIERKEGAARD, SFear and Trembling and the Sickness unto Death
    KIERKEGAARD, SPurity of Heart is to Will One Thing
    KITTELSON, M LSounding the Soul
    KITTLESON, M LSoul of Popular Culture, The
    KNIPE, RWater of Life, The: A Jungian Journey Through Hawaiian Myth
    KOENIG, J CIntroduction to Practical Mysticism(booklet)
    KRAEMER, WForbidden Love
    KROLL, UFlesh of My Flesh
    LAING, R DDivided Self, The
    LAMMERS, AIn God’s Shadow
    LANCELOTGrail, TheVol 1
    LANCELOTGrail, TheVol 2
    LAO-TSUTao Te Ching
    LAYARD, JCeltic Quest, The
    LAYARD, JLady of the Hare, The
    LE GUIN, UEarthsea Trilogy
    LEECH, KSoul Friend
    LOOMIS, M EDancing the Wheel of Psychological Types
    LUKE, HDark Wood and White Rose
    LUKE, HKaleidoscope
    LUKE, HKaleidoscope
    LUKE, HOld Age
    LUKE, HWoman, Earth and Spririt
    LUKE, H MLife of the Spirit in Women, The (booklet)
    MAGUIRE, ASeven Deadly Sins
    MAGUIRE, ASkin Disease, A Message from the Soul
    MAHDI, (ED)Betwixt and Between
    MANSFIELD, VSynchronicity, Science and Soulmaking
    MARITAIN, JCreative Intuition in Art and Poetry
    MARTIN, P WExperiment in Depth
    MASLOW, AFarther Reaches of Human Nature, The
    MATTHEWS, JCeltic Shaman, The
    MCGUIRE / HULLC G Jung Speaking
    MCGUIRE W (ED)Freud/Jung Letters, The
    MCLAGAN, DCreation Myths
    MCLEAN, JULIENNETowards Mystical Union
    MCNEELY, DTouching: Body Therapy & Depth Psychology
    MEHTA, PInsight into Individual Living
    MEIER, C AJung and Analytical Psychology
    MEIER, CAHealing, Dream and Ritual
    MEIER, C ASoul and Body
    MEIER, C A (ED)Atom and Archetype: The Pauli/Jung Letters 1932-58
    MERTON, TZen and the Birds of Appetite
    MILLER, AThou Shalt Not Be Aware
    MONICK, EEvil, Sexuality & Disease in Grunewald’s Body of Christ
    MONICK, EPotency: Masculine Aggression as a Path to the Soul
    Orthodox Spirituality
    MONK (RAMAKRISHNA)Meditation
    MONTEFIORE, HUGHOn Being a Jewish Christian – Its Blessings and Problems
    MOON, B (ED)Encyclopaedia of Archetypal Symbolism, AnReference only
    MOORE, TCare of the Soul
    MOORE, T (ED)Essential James Hillman, The
    MORENO, AJung, Gods and Modern Man
    NEEDLEMAN, JSense of the Cosmos, A
    NEUMANN, EAmor and Psyche
    NEUMANN, EArt and the Creative Unconscious
    NEUMANN, EChild, The
    NEUMANN, EGreat Mother, The
    NEUMANN, EOrigins of Consciousness
    NICHOLS, SJung and the Tarot: An Archetypal Journey
    NICHOLSON, D H SOxford Book of English Mystical Verse, The
    PAGELS, EAdam, Eve and the Serpent
    PAGELS, EGnostic Gospels, The
    Jung in Modern Perspective
    PERRY, CListen to the Voice Within
    PHILIP, H LJung and the Problem of Evil
    PINKOLA ESTES, CWomen Who Run With the Wolves
    PLAUT, FAnalysis Analysed
    POST, L VAN DERHeart of the Hunter, The
    POST, L VAN DERJung and the Story of Our Time
    POST, L VAN DERMantis Carol, A
    POST, L VAN DERYet Being Someone Other
    QUALLS-CORBETT, NSacred Prostitute
    RAINE, KHuman Face of God, The: William Blake and the Book of Job
    RAINE, KLiving in Time
    RAMSAY JAlchemy, The Art of Transformation
    RANK, OTrauma of Birth, The
    REDHEAD / GUMLEYGood Book, The
    REDMON, ASecond Sight
    REINHART, MChiron and the Healing Journey
    REUTHER, R RWoman Guides
    REUTHER, R RWomanguides: Readings Towards a Feminist Theory
    RHODE, EOn Birth and Madness
    ROBERTS, BExperience of No-Self, The
    ROBINSON, ELanguage of Mystery, The
    ROBINSON, EOriginal Vision, The
    ROLLINSJung and the Bible
    ROOSE-EVANS, JInner Journey, Outer Journey
    ROOSE-EVANS, JPassages of the Soul
    RUMKE, H CPsychology of Unbelief, The
    RUTHERFORD, H CChristianity as Creative Myth
    RYCE-MENHUIN, JJung and the Monotheisms
    RYCROFT, CDionysus
    SACKS, OMan Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, The
    SACKVILLE-WEST, VEagle and the Dove, The
    SAMUELS, AFather, The (ed Samuels)
    SAMUELS, AJung and the Post Jungians
    SAMUELS, APsychopathology – Contemporary Jungian Perspectives
    SAMUELS / SHORTER / PLAUTCritical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis, A
    SAMUELS / SHORTER / PLAYATACritical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis, A
    SAMUELS / SHORTER / PLAYATACritical Dictionary of Jungian Analysis, A
    SANFORD, JHealing and Wholeness
    SANFORD, J ADreams: God’s Forgotten Language
    SANFORD, J AEvil: The Shadow Side of Reality
    SANFORD, J AKingdom Within, The
    SCHAVEREIN, JDying Patient, The
    SCHWARTZ SALANT, NNarcissism and Character Transformation
    SCOTT-MAXWELL, FMeasure of My Days, The
    SCOTT-PECK, MRoad Less Travelled, The
    SEGAL, RGnostic Jung, The/Seven Sermons to the Dead
    SEGALLER / BERGERJung and the Wisdom of the Dream
    SEZNEC, JSurvival of the Pagan Gods, The
    SHELDRAKE, RNew Science of Life, A
    SHORTER, BImage Darkly Forming, An
    SHORTER, BSusceptible to the Sacred
    SIDOLI, M / DAVIES, MJungian Child Psychotherapy
    SPIEGELMAN, J MCatholicism and Jungian Psychology
    SPIEGELMAN, J MQuest, The
    STAFFORD-CLARK, DWhat Freud Really Said
    STANWORTH, RRecognizing Spiritual Needs in People Who are Dying
    STEIN, MIn Midlife
    STEIN, MJung on Evil (ed Stein)
    STEIN, MJung’s Treatment of Christianity
    STEIN, MJungian Analysis
    STEPHENSON-BOND, DArchetype of Renewal, The – Psychological Reflections on the Aging, Death and Rebirth of the King
    STEVENS, AArchetype
    STEVENS, APrivate Myths
    STEVENS, ATwo Million Year Old Self, The
    STORM, HSeven Arrows
    STORR, AArt of Psychotherapy, The
    STREETER, B HBuddha and The Christ, The
    SULLIVAN, BPsychotherapy Grounded in the Feminine
    SUZUKI, D TIntroduction fo Zen Buddhism, An(booklet)
    TACEY DHow to read Jung
    TACEY DIdea of the Numinous, The
    TACEY DJung and the New Age
    TACEY DThe Spirituality Revolution
    TATHAM, PMakings of Maleness, The
    THOMPSON, HJourney Toward Wholeness
    TUBY, M (ED)In the Wake of Jung
    ULANOV, APicturing God
    ULANOV, AReceiving Woman
    ULANOV, ASpiritual Aspects of Clinical Work
    ULANOV, AWisdom of the Psyche, The
    ULANOV, AWizard’s Gate, The
    ULANOV, A & BCinderella and Her Sisters
    ULANOV, A & BFeminine, The
    ULANOV, A & BHealing Imagination, The
    ULANOV, A & BReligion and the Unconscious
    ULANOV, A & BTransforming Sexuality
    UNDERHILL, ESpiritual Life, The
    WADDELL, HDesert Fathers, The
    WAITE, A ESecret Tradition in Alchemy, The
    WARD, BSayings of the Desert Fathers
    WATTS, A WWisdom of Insecurity, The
    WEHR, GJung: a biography
    WHITE, VGod and the Unconscious
    WHITE, VSoul and Psyche
    WHITMONT, E CAlchemy and Healing: The Symbolic Quest
    WHITMONT, E CPsyche and Substance
    WHITMONT, E CSymbolic Quest, The
    WICKES, RInner World of Childhood, The
    WICKES, RInner World of Choice, The
    WICKES, RInner World of Man, The
    WILHELM, HChange: Eight Lectures on the I Ching
    WILLIAMS, C (ED)Figure of Beatrice, The
    WILSON, R MGnostic Problem, The
    WINNICOTT, D WChild and the Family, The
    WINNICOTT, D WPlaying and Reality
    WOLFE, TStructural Forms of the Feminine Psyche (booklet)
    WOODMAN, MLeaving My Father’s House
    WOODMAN, MOwl was a Baker’s Daughter, The
    WOODMAN, MRavaged Bridegroom, The
    YOUNG, DOrigins of the Sacred
    YOUNG, FFace to Face
    ZEIGLER, AArchetypal Medicine
    ZIMMER, HKing and the Corpse, The
    ZIMMER, HMyths & Symbols in Indian Art and Civilisation
    ZOJA / WILLIAMS (ED)Jungian Reflections on September 11