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The Guild has an archive of 350 papers dating back to the 1930s and 600 recordings dating from the 1970s. You can browse these using the search facilities below; they are free to download for Guild members.

Disclaimer: The Guild’s written and audio resources are for members’ personal and non-commercial use only. The views expressed in them are those of the authors; they may not necessarily be shared by Guild members, nor represent the collective opinion of the Guild.

  • Evagrius on Becoming who we Truly Are

    Evagrius on Becoming who we Truly Are

    Date: Thursday 3rd March 2022

    Speaker(s): Monica Tobon

    Evagrius of Pontus (345-399) was born into a Christian family in what is now Turkey but was then the Roman province of Helenopontus, and was a protegé of the 'Cappadocian Fathers' Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nyssa, and Gregory Nazianzus. Highly educated, he embarked upon a promising ecclesiastical career in…

  • The First Half of Life: Reimagining Jung’s Forgotten Developmental Stage

    The First Half of Life: Reimagining Jung’s Forgotten Developmental Stage

    Date: Saturday 5th February 2022

    Speaker(s): Satya Doyle Byock

    The field of Analytical Psychology has largely ignored the developmental stage that Jung termed the “First Half of Life.”  As a result, a great many individuals coming of age today, starving for guidance on how to live in relationship to their inner lives, find little that reflects them within the…

  • Jung’s Black Books

    Jung’s Black Books

    Date: Saturday 8th January 2022

    Speaker(s): George Bright

      Between 1913 and 1932 C.G. Jung recorded his unique self-experimentation that he called ‘his confrontation with the unconscious’.  The Black Books are the contemporaneous and spontaneous record of his active imaginations and descriptions of his mental states together with his immediate reflections on these. The Red Book draws on…

  • The Crime of the Ancient Mariner

    The Crime of the Ancient Mariner

    Date: Thursday 4th November 2021

    Speaker(s): Johnathan Sunley

    In Coleridge’s great poem, the killing of the albatross has catastrophic consequences. But it also pushes the perpetrator of this apparently senseless crime, the mariner, to embark on a journey of inner exploration that transforms how he approaches both the natural world and those invisible realities that always had the…

  • The Archetype of the Heart: a symbol of transformation

    The Archetype of the Heart: a symbol of transformation

    Date: Thursday 7th October 2021

    “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.” So the fox says in Saint- Exupéry’s ‘Le Petit Prince.’ This profound truth has long been recognised by the world’s wisdom traditions and the mystical philosophies of the East. How helpful is it to follow the archetype of the…

  • “Too Humble Is Half Proud” (Yiddish Saying)

    “Too Humble Is Half Proud” (Yiddish Saying)

    Date: Thursday 15th July 2021

    Speaker(s): Rabbi Howard Cooper

    A psychological, Jewish and personal perspective on some of the paradoxes that surround the concept of humility. Rabbi Howard Cooper's talk is built around nine quotations (ten if you include the title of the talk); these were available on printed sheets during the lecture and are reproduced here in a…

  • Jung and the Recovery of the Religious Attitude and Function

    Jung and the Recovery of the Religious Attitude and Function

    Date: Saturday 5th June 2021

    Speaker(s): Les Oglesby

    Theological reflections on a natural process of transformation.   Photo by nibras al-riyami on UnsplashJung believed that regaining one’s religious attitude was an important part of the task of individuation. In this talk I offer some theological reflections on this process. First, I provide a sketch of Jung’s understanding of…

  • Boundary and Identity in Irish Myth

    Boundary and Identity in Irish Myth

    Date: Thursday 6th May 2021

    Speaker(s): Jim Fitzgerald

    Photo: Dunguaire Castle, Kinvara, Ireland, by Matteo Paonessa on Unsplash By examining various stories from the Irish mythic tradition we can gain some insight into the structure of both the normal and neurotic psyche, and into the significance of boundaries in the creation of a true sense of identity, in line…

  • Seven Sermons to the Dead

    Seven Sermons to the Dead

    Date: Saturday 9th January 2021

    Speaker(s): Alan Mulhern

    Alan Mulhern discusses Jung's mystical and Gnostic text, published privately and anonymously as being "written by Basilides of Alexandria, the city where East and West meet." The text also forms the final part of the Red Book. Alan has recorded a short podcast about the Seven Sermons.  This may be a…

  • Synchronicity and Humility

    Synchronicity and Humility

    Date: Thursday 5th November 2020

    Speaker(s): Yoram Inspector

    Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on UnsplashThis event is FREE!  Register “The humility, in which we remember again and again, how little we know about man , ourselves, a humility which has been acquired through sadness and despair, is in my view one of the basic values, assets of depth psychology.”…