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Will the green agenda really get out of the margins?: towards a politics of knowing and not knowing.

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Date: Saturday 11th January 2020 Location: Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT
Start time: 2:00pm End time: 4:30pm Type: Lecture Refreshments: Tea and cakes

Can depth psychology contribute to securing the place of a green agenda at the heart of mainstream politics?  Andrew argues that to do this requires a dialling down or reduction in the certitude with which climate activists communicate, and a less condemnatory attitude to human civilisation, especially in our cities.  As a therapist, Andrew has made contact with Extinction Rebellion and this has influenced the way in which his thinking has developed since first writing about ‘the environment’ in 1989. The talk confronts people with the idea that many may secretly want to perish in an apocalypse despite their conscious political engagements and actions.

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