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Autumn Conference: Metamorphosis of Being – Body and Soul

Notice: We are not yet able to confirm whether this will be a live event or a webinar. Please check this page late September or Early October by which time booking will be open.

Date: Saturday 23rd October 2021 Location: tbc
Start time: 11:30am End time: 4:00pm Type: tbc Refreshments: tbc

The subject matter is Alexander Technique and homeopathy.

Keith Silvester writes:

The process of psychological and emotional change cannot be divorced from the body. The problem is that the body can get ‘stuck’ in habitual patterns through poor use. FM Alexander’s discoveries in the early years of the 20th century, obtained by close self-observation, were that such habits can gradually change through processes which involved ‘inhibition’ and the re-training of ‘direction’, such that the relationship between head-neck-back.

The role of the mind and our habitual way of thinking are crucial to the way we use and mis-use our bodies. What is not so obvious is that the effects may work the other way too: changes in the way we use our bodies affect feelings, thoughts, and subjective experience. Sometimes an Alexander Technique lesson can evoke spontaneous and unexpected reactions rooted in past experiences, and the effects on emotion and ‘sense of self’ can be profound and life-changing.

In this presentation there will be some experiential work involved.

Alexandre Winkler writes:

“Homeopathic provings and their therapeutic applications have demonstrated that all disturbed physical and psychological functional patterns, fixations and crises have macroscopic substance likenesses “out there”. That means our complexes are in functional correspondence not only with the code systems of our organs – our muscular body armour, acupuncture meridians and points – but also with the informational systems encoded in the various substance patterns and field systems of the outside world.“
Edward C. Whitmont, The Alchemy of Healing, Psyche and Soma

The timings below assume that the event will take place live.  Please be aware that timings may change if the event takes place as a webinar.

If the talk can go ahead live the day will consist of:
11:30 – Talk 1 (Keith Silvester)
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Talk 2 (Alexandre Winkler) + Q&A with both speakers
16:00 – Finish

Watch for the image to change when these details are confirmed!

Photo by natsuki on Unsplash