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The Guild has an archive of 350 papers dating back to the 1930s and 600 recordings dating from the 1970s. You can browse these using the search facilities below; they are free to download for Guild members.

Disclaimer: The Guild’s written and audio resources are for members’ personal and non-commercial use only. The views expressed in them are those of the authors; they may not necessarily be shared by Guild members, nor represent the collective opinion of the Guild.

  • Jung the Mystic

    Jung the Mystic

    Date: Saturday 25th June 2022

    Speaker(s): Gary Lachman

    Throughout his career, the psychologist C.G. Jung insisted that he was a scientist, pure and simple, and that his psychology was based on hard empirical evidence.  But throughout his life, Jung was deeply interested in the occult, the paranormal, the mystical, and the magical.  From his early attendance at séances…

  • Fake News, False Selves

    Fake News, False Selves

    Date: Thursday 6th October 2022

    Speaker(s): Stephen Garratt

    The economy of the internet is driven by commodifying our attention. The more that a media company can draw and direct our attention the more money it makes. Internet media companies track all of our interactions on the internet to create algorithms which show each of us an individual filtered…

  • Awakening to a New Reality

    Awakening to a New Reality

    Date: Thursday 3rd November 2022

    Speaker(s): Janice Dolley

      In this talk, in which I draw on my own personal experience, we explore the continuity of consciousness after death and the expanded reality that await us on the ‘other side’. Some of the “conversations across the horizon of death” in my latest book describe a reality that may…

  • Gaia and the Tree of Life

    Gaia and the Tree of Life

    Date: Saturday 7th January 2023

    Speaker(s): Stephan Harding

    The Tree of Life is an ancient image that comes to us from deep within psyche.  It has appeared across different cultures and throughout the ages. It has enabled many individuals to realise that their true happiness is inseparable from the well-being and health of nature, of Gaia, of our…

  • Archetypal Nonviolence: Jung, King and Culture through the Eyes of Selma

    Archetypal Nonviolence: Jung, King and Culture through the Eyes of Selma

    Date: Saturday 18th February 2023

    Speaker(s): Renêe M. Cunningham

    The lecture focuses on the March from Selma to Montgomery and the development of culture through the implementation of the eightfold path of nonviolence (Gandhi’s concepts of Satyagraha and Ahimsa and King’s six tenets).  The talk will utilize the civil rights movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s; specifically, the march…

  • Enchantment – Wonder in Modern Life

    Enchantment – Wonder in Modern Life

    Date: Saturday 18th March 2023

    Speaker(s): Patrick Curry

    We consider the experience of enchantment through some personal accounts of deep wonder, and by exploring its chief characteristics, dynamics and conditions. These include relationality, participation, wildness, metaphor, and 'concrete magic' (Max Weber). We shall also consider its rootedness in more-than-human nature. Although enchantment is a universal human experience it…

  • “She Is not Dead but Sleeping”

    “She Is not Dead but Sleeping”

    Date: Saturday 24th June 2023

    Speaker(s): Jim Fitzgerald

    The image of a young woman bound in a death-like sleep is to be found in the Bible, in Myth and in Fairy Tales. When we look more deeply into their stories, their relevance for humanity at just this point in time becomes apparent. Who then is the Sleeping One?…