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The Wolf

Notice: Booking for this event will open in the Summer of 2022

Date: Thursday 6th October 2022 Location: Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT
Start time: 7:30pm End time: 9:30pm Type: Lecture and or Webinar Refreshments: tbc

Geraldine writes: “This work on the Wolf Symbol has been deeply transformative, reflecting key myths of my life.  The wolf is a symbol of how we have treated the ‘other’ through centuries of projections, reducing wolf to a sign of the devil and destroying a living creature in ‘God’s name’ in our Western Judeo-Christian heritage.  This is in contrast to the indigenous American view of the wolf as being on a par with the people.

“The mythological wolf has diverse positive aspects from the ancestor of some human groups, companion to Apollo, fellow hunter to Inuits, as well as Guardian of the Fields in Japan.  Its negative aspect is witnessed in Nordic mythology as Odin’s companions, Geri and Freki.  The wolf of Little Red Riding Hood, as the devourer, has dominated the fairytales, whilst the wolf as the helpful animal has often been overlooked.

“Jung, reflecting on St Matthew’s Judgement text, wondered whether the poorest beggar who needs alms is ourselves, asking how we can love the enemy in our own hearts and call wolf our brother!  For Jung, the animal and nature are vital aspects of psychology, as the wolf symbol speaks to us from the shadow side of religion and the ecological biodiversity crisis we face.  The fate of this creature could be the fate of any ‘other’ who is different, whether by ethnicity, religion, gender, or typology!”

Photo by Gary Kramer – this image originates from the National Digital Library of the United States Fish.