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Fake News, False Selves

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Date: Thursday 6th October 2022 Location: Online
Start time: 7:30pm End time: 9:30pm Type: Webinar Refreshments: tbc

The economy of the internet is driven by commodifying our attention. The more that a media company can draw and direct our attention the more money it makes. Internet media companies track all of our interactions on the internet to create algorithms which show each of us an individual filtered view of the world, a view that mirrors us to capture our attention.

We have the unconscious feeling of being mirrored. This evokes infantile dynamics which have an archetypal power to enchant. It is through mirroring that the infant first encounters the image of themselves, a step that is a precursor to the identification with and internalisation of that image. But algorithmic mirroring does not help us towards an authentic sense of self image, the mirroring is in service of the needs of the media company.

For Winnicott this kind of manipulative mothering leads to the development of a False Self.

Photo by Miguel Ángel Hernández  from Unsplash