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“The First Half of Life”: Reimagining Jung’s Forgotten Developmental Stage

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Date: Saturday 5th February 2022 Location:
Start time: 5:30pm End time: 7:30pm Type: Webinar

The field of Analytical Psychology has largely ignored the developmental stage that Jung termed the “First Half of Life.”  As a result, a great many individuals coming of age today, starving for guidance on how to live in relationship to their inner lives, find little that reflects them within the Jungian literature or community.

In this talk, Satya Doyle Byock will offer a review of the developmental framework in Jung’s psychology and how the emphasis on the Second Half of Life within the field neglects that radical psychological work that can—and should—be done prior, while also excluding countless younger individuals who could benefit greatly from Jung’s work. In questioning the oft-repeated notion that individuation begins in the second half of life, Satya will explore various sources including Jung’s Vision Seminars with Christiana Morgan, an American woman then in analysis with Jung in her late 20s.

In this talk, Satya will draw-upon her ongoing research and clinical work as outlined in her 2015 article in Psychological Perspectives entitled “The Inner World of the First Half of Life: Analytical Psychology’s Forgotten Developmental Stage.”

The webinar will be followed by 30 minutes of informal discussion, which all attendees will be welcome to join.

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Speaker: Satya Doyle Byock

Satya Doyle Byock, LPC is a Jungian oriented psychotherapist in Portland, Oregon and the founding director of The Salomé Institute of Jungian Studies which offers seminars online. Satya’s clinical work focuses on individuals in “Quarterlife," the stage of adulthood between adolescence and midlife that Jung called “The First Half of Life.” Satya’s work argues against the standard developmental model of Analytical psychology which views individuation as beginning in the Second Half of Life. Satya’s book on this stage of life is forthcoming from Random House in the summer of 2022. Last updated August 2021