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The Eleusinian Mysteries

Notice: Booking for this event will open in 2022

Date: Thursday 5th May 2022 Location:
Start time: 7:30pm End time: 9:30pm Type: Webinar Film Showing with Q&A

A film produced by Jules Cashford followed by Q&A with her

This event is in memory of Diana Grace-Jones

Jules Cashford writes:

Diana and I had often discussed the Eleusinian Mysteries in Greece in the context of a change of vision. I feel that the historical fact of the many people travelling to Eleusis from all over Greece, and further afield, for over 2000 years, to experience the Mysteries also reflects the way Diana herself was continually striving to dissolve and see through the barriers to our vision of the world and the psyche. So the immense effort and dedication it must have required to attend the Mysteries – and to survive the actual process when you had got there – seems to me a fitting tribute to who Diana was – the embodiment of the archetype of Diana the Moon Goddess of the wild, both huntress and the animals hunted, the Roman version of Artemis, Great Goddess of the Animals, who leads us back to the Goddesses of the Moon in Neolithic and Palaeolithic times.

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