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Summer Conference 2022: The Way of the Heart

Notice: Booking for this event will open late spring 2022

Date: Friday 26th August 2022 - Sunday 28th August 2022 Location: Worcester College, Oxford
Start time: 2:00pm End time: 2:00pm Type: Conference Refreshments: Residential, all Meals Provided

We are delighted to Welcome back Robert Mercurio and Giulia Valerio, whose joint presentation in 2017 was very warmly received.

The pathways of reason and of logic are both linear and straight, without curves or bends. They are for the most part foreseeable and lead us to their destination without wasting time. The way of the heart may, at first sight, seem to be imprecise, irregular and full of detours. It is however the pathway of poets, of lovers, of mystics and of artists. There is however a place where the pathway of reason and the way of the heart meet and intertwine, complementing and correcting one another. This is what T. S. Eliot called the still point and even those who work in the fields of the so-called “exact sciences” have begun to appreciate the importance of the way these two paths crisscross. We will try to examine various ways in which these two paths interact with one another and see the value of the synergy that can thus emerge. Topics include: ‘The Courage of the Heart’, ‘The Vision of the Heart’, ‘The Poetry of the Heart’, and ‘The Inclusiveness of the Heart’.

We hope to livestream this event as a webinar.  We will confirm this as soon as we can.