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Kindle a Light of Meaning in Cosmic Darkness

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Date: Saturday 21st May 2022 Location: Oxford Quaker Meeting House, 43 St Giles', Oxford OX1 3LW
Start time: 11:00am End time: 4:15pm Type: Conference & Webinar Refreshments: Tea, Coffee & Biscuits

Remembering – the Dawn of Modern Alchemy in Dark Times (Regine Schweizer-Vüllers)

Regine Schweizer-Vullers modified her talk to focus on the relevance of alchemy in times of war and destruction.
Regine wrote: ‘In this talk I will mainly look at Marie-Louise von Franz’s first book on alchemy, her commentary on the Aurora Consurgens,  which emerged during the years of her collaboration with C.G. Jung. This was in the context of WWII with its widespread devastation, death and murder. The Aurora is a divine feminine figure who wants to be redeemed. The text circles around the union of the opposites and ends with a description of the Coniunctio, the mystical marriage.

I wonder if in times of war and destruction, the alchemical; endeavour of uniting the opposites can bring The Light of Meaning in Cosmic Darkness. I will also look at Von Franz’s last book, her commentary on an old Arabic alchemical text which also circles round the mystery of love and Eros in a slightly different way.”

Some Stories about the Four Historical Places of the Origin of Analytical Psychology (Andreas Schweizer)

Dr. Schweizer wrote: “I will explore our theme, ‘Kindle a light of meaning in cosmic darkness’, with reference to photographs of the four historical places of C.G. Jung’s life, and to some quite unknown events in Jung’s life which deeply move me when I think of them.”

The four places are: 1909 his house at Seestrasse 228 in Kusnacht, 1916 the building of the Psychology Club, 1923 ff. the tower at Bollingen and as the fourth place the tower of Marie-Louise von Franz.

The talk reflected on the relationship between places and life events in Jung’s own journey to kindle a light of meaning.

The event was livestreamed, with an audience in Oxford and as webinar attendees. 

Photo by Mehdi on Unsplash