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Enchantment – Wonder in Modern Life

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Date: Saturday 18th March 2023 Location: Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT - and online
Start time: 2:00pm End time: 4:00pm Type: Lecture and Webinar

We consider the experience of enchantment through some personal accounts of deep wonder, and by exploring its chief characteristics, dynamics and conditions. These include relationality, participation, wildness, metaphor, and ‘concrete magic’ (Max Weber). We shall also consider its rootedness in more-than-human nature. Although enchantment is a universal human experience it is also a highly distinctive one, so it is important as well to recognise what it is not. That leads us to address disenchantment, especially deliberate disenchantment as part of the project of modernity, including glamour. We shall also think through some of the implications of enchantment seriously for aspects of Jungian thought, both common ground and differences.

Photo credit – Patrick Curry

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