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Barbara Hannah’s Search for Wholeness

Notice: This event is not booking at the moment (see below).

Date: Saturday 20th October 2018 Location: Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT
Start time: 10:30am End time: 4:30pm Type: Conference Refreshments: Lunch, coffee and tea

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This event is given in conjunction with the Jung Club, to whom booking forms must be returned.

Barbara Hannah said once: “Both Jung and I minded most of all about wholeness, about becoming whole… finding the opposite to the thing that is destroying one… of course I went through a tremendous encounter with the unconscious.” (Film: A Matter of Heart). And C.G. Jung wrote: “Human wholeness is the goal to which the psychotherapeutic process ultimately leads… without the experience of the opposites there is no experience of wholeness and hence no inner approach to the sacred figures.” (Introduction to Psychology and Alchemy)