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Autumn Conference 2022 – Towards a 21st Century Model of the Psyche

Notice: Booking for this event will open later this year

Date: Saturday 22nd October 2022 Location:
Start time: 4:00pm End time: 6:30pm Type: Webinar

Altered States, Oracles and Intelligences

Joseph Cambray will explore Jung’s ideas of the Unconscious in the light of the latest ecological formulations that offer a richer more complex model of the psyche and its interconnection with the living forces of the universe as a whole.

Lecture One:
Exploring the Unconscious in the 21st Century: States of Consciousness and Intelligences in Nature
Over the course of the last century, the notion of the dynamic unconscious has evolved from the initial models of Freud and Jung. In the first lecture, we will trace these developments, especially of Jung’s larger vision of a Collective Unconscious, up to present times. Our investigations will include recent work on various states of consciousness, adaptive ecosystems, and anomalous experiences. An eco-spiritual view of the psyche will be offered as the best current synthesis of available information. Applications of this view for how to face the pressing concerns of the last few years will be offered for discussion.

Lecture Two:
Revisiting Oracular Traditions and the Re-enchantment of the World
Building upon lecture one; we will now turn to divination and oracular traditions. For almost two millennia, priestess at centres such as Delphi in Greece, guided and stabilized societies through their pronouncements. New approaches to understanding these and related activities have begun to emerge in archeological and classical studies. We will apply these developments to our understanding of depth psychology, exploring the intuitive, noetic qualities of divinatory pronouncements. Brought together with Jung’s concept of synchronicity, we will seek to find a pathway to the re-enchantment of the world.

Please note: booking closes four hours before the event starts

Photo by Julia Bevan