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A Day with James Hollis

Notice: Sorry, online booking for this event has now closed.

Date: Saturday 21st October 2017 Location: Coin Street Conference Centre - Third Floor, 108 Stamford Street, London SE1 9NH
Start time: 10:30am End time: 4:30pm Type: Conference Refreshments: Lunch, coffee and tea

The foundation of the day will be two lectures from James Hollis, “Hauntings: Dispelling the ghosts who run our lives” and “What is a Mature Spirituality”. In the first he will discuss how so much of daily life is driven by invisible psychic forces, archaic agendas, and imperious admonitions and prohibitions, all the more powerful because they operate unconsciously. What are the features of such “hauntings,” and how might we gain some further foothold on a more conscious conduct of life? The significance of “complex” theory as a useful tool for self-examination and psychotherapy will be presented and means of identifying complexes through dream work and pattern analysis discussed. In the second lecture James will ask “How does one evolve a mature spirituality out of the business of our lives with its mélange of values, drives, agendas?  What makes us larger human beings?  What most opens us to the mysteries in which we swim all our days?” The day will offer ample time for discussion and is run in collaboration with the C.G.Jung Club.


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