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2024 Summer Conference – Re-enchanting the World: Necessity, Theory and Experience – WEBINAR

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Date: Friday 23rd August 2024 - Sunday 25th August 2024 Location: Worcester College, Oxford
Start time: 4:00pm End time: 1:00pm Type: Conference & Webinar

Our civilisation is demonstrably heading for disaster, driven by our “disenchantment of the world” (Max Weber), “monotheism of consciousness” (C.G. Jung) and “left hemisphere dominance” (Iain McGilchrist). Re-enchanting the world offers a psychological approach to healing our broken relationship with nature within and nature without. Such a metanoia is vital if we are to negotiate the physical consequences of our delusional thinking, from the existential threats of the Anthropocene to nuclear Armageddon.

Andrew Fellows will demonstrate some striking synergies between Analytical Psychology, Gaia Theory and Deep Ecology and more, and their potential to transform our attitude so that we can embrace a materially simplified future existence joyfully rather than merely endure it.

Yuriko Sato will draw on more personal experiences of what Rachel Carson called “the sense of wonder”, including in clinical practice and from an Eastern perspective.

Together, they bring head, heart and soul to the defining challenge of our time.

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