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Jerome S Bernstein

Jerome Bernstein has been working as a Jungian analyst since 1974 in private practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He teaches at the Jung Institute there and has been its past president. He is author of Living in the Borderland: The Evolution of Consciousness and the Challenge of Healing Trauma (Routledge, 2005). He is concerned with many social issues – before becoming an analyst he was consultant to the President of the Navajo Nation in Arizona and has been a consultant for many teaching and economic institutions in Washington D.C. His published articles cover a wide range of subjects: Collective Shadow Integration of the Jungian Community: Atonement, published in Jung and the Shadow of Anti-Semitism (2003); Beyond the Individual: Analytical Psychology Applied to Groups and Nations; Penetrating the Archetypal Dilemma in Racism; The U.S.-Soviet Mirror; Victory in Iraq? A Question of Moral Consciousness.

[Updated August 2008]