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The Guild has an archive of 350 papers dating back to the 1930s and 600 recordings dating from the 1970s. You can browse these using the search facilities below; they are free to download for Guild members.

Disclaimer: The Guild’s written and audio resources are for members’ personal and non-commercial use only. The views expressed in them are those of the authors; they may not necessarily be shared by Guild members, nor represent the collective opinion of the Guild.

  • C.G.Jung’s quest for Aurora Consurgens

    C.G.Jung’s quest for Aurora Consurgens

    Date: Thursday 5th February 2015

    Speaker(s): Aksel Haaning

    History plays an important role in Jung’s studies, both personal and collective. In the 1930s Jung’s focus turns in direction of the Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy in the European past. In the centre of these studies, an almost completely unknown Latin text, called Aurea Hora (Golden Hour) or Aurora Consurgens…

  • God’s Involvement with Evil: Jung and Balthasar – a dialogue

    God’s Involvement with Evil: Jung and Balthasar – a dialogue

    Date: Thursday 6th November 2014

    Author(s) / Speakers: Les Oglesby

    This talk brings together the work of Carl Gustav Jung and Hans Urs von Balthasar, to critically compare their ideas on the perennial question of God’s involvement with evil. The talk culminates with a study of each man’s understanding of the central event of Christianity, Christ’s death on the Cross…

  • Mary Magdalene – a Symbol of Evolving Consciousness

    Mary Magdalene – a Symbol of Evolving Consciousness

    Date: Thursday 2nd October 2014

    Speaker(s): Penny Culliford

    In recent years the image we have of Mary Magdalene has come into question as historians and theologians have revisited ancient texts and early church history. Here she has been portrayed as a prostitute, penitent sinner and devoted follower of Christ. The extraordinary success of Dan Brown's book, The Da…

  • Through The Spaces Of The Dark

    Through The Spaces Of The Dark

    Date: Friday 29th August 2014

    Author(s): Luigi Zoja

  • Violence in History

    Violence in History

    Date: Friday 29th August 2014

    Speaker(s): Luigi Zoja

  • Jesus and the Goddess: The secret teachings of the original Christians

    Jesus and the Goddess: The secret teachings of the original Christians

    Date: Thursday 5th June 2014

    Speaker(s): Tim Freke

    Philosopher Tim Freke explores the Gnostic myths of Jesus and the Christian Goddess Sophia, suggesting they are initiation allegories that symbolise the path to the mystical state of gnosis. He suggests a revolutionary new understanding of the true message of ancient Christianity, which can still bring profound transformation to us…

  • The Satanic State

    The Satanic State

    Date: Thursday 1st May 2014

    Speaker(s): Carol Leader

    In his final completed work, Illustrations of the Book of Job, the artist and visionary William Blake gives an elegant summary of his philosophy concerning ‘the state of Satan’ and its connections with destructiveness, imagination and the inner world. The ‘state of Satan’ continues to be of central importance to…

  • Writing from Darkness

    Writing from Darkness

    Date: Thursday 6th March 2014

    Author(s): Susan Tiberghien

    Imagine writing from darkness, from the night. We will take a few steps along the path of those who have written from darkness, reading excerpts from Hildegard of Bingen, St. John of the Cross, and Ettie Hillesum. We will look at how C.G. Jung wrote from darkness in The Red…

  • Modern Paganism and Witchcraft

    Modern Paganism and Witchcraft

    Date: Thursday 6th February 2014

    Speaker(s): Prof Ronald Hutton

    Over the past sixty years Paganism has emerged as one of the most important and sensational clusters of newly appeared religions in the modern world, and witchcraft as the most important single component within it. This talk is intended to introduce people who have only slight acquaintance with such religions…

  • ‘Hard’ and ‘Trampled’: Religion’s Cruel Twins

    ‘Hard’ and ‘Trampled’: Religion’s Cruel Twins

    Date: Saturday 11th January 2014

    Speaker(s): Richard Holloway

    The lecture explores the way religion’s claims to revealed authority can lead on the one hand to cruelty and on the other to a kind of locked-in syndrome that makes it almost impossible to respond creatively to changes in humanity’s experience of moral evolution.